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New Drug Test Detects Cocaine in a Fingerprint and is 99% Accurate

Scientists in the UK and Netherlands have developed a test that can detect cocaine use by a simple fingerprint. When someone uses cocaine, two chemicals are released as they metabolize the drug: benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine. These chemicals are detected in sweat and can be found in a fingerprint on chromatography paper.

This is a real time, non-invasive drug test that can provide security guards and police officers with a test that is 99% accurate. The test is not only faster, but the disposal is easier. People just have to provide a finger print, rather than a urine or blood sample.

What are reasons that festivals or venues may look into using this?

Easy and quick samples. Data is collected by one fingerprint on chromatography paper, and only takes a couple minutes (if that). The sample is also still useful if they have washed their hands.

The test could help with drug overdoses, and finding out what substance is in an individual. It would be a quick test to find out what a person has taken, or was given. This could eventually be used for other drugs as well. Being able to know what someone had taken quickly could help with response time and saving a life. This test may not of been created for that purpose, but it could go a long way in a festival setting.

What do you think of the new drug test? Do you see it being used in other settings?