New Christmas Music From Kaskade is Out Now

The wait is over, new Christmas music from Kaskade is out! Last year we were obsessed with his Christmas album, and this year isn’t any different. Our love of Christmas music just keeps growing with every song he comes out with.

This year he added four new songs, Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne, Little Town and Jesu Parvule. There are now 17 tracks on his deluxe album, and with every play they are turning into classics. He brings in some fun beats that we were hoping for, along with beautiful vocals from Soran, Alicia Moffet and Late Night Alumni.

People usually have some pretty strong feelings when it comes to Christmas music, either they love it or hate it. Kaskade quickly changed our minds about Christmas music. This is not the Jingle Bells that you sang when you were little. He brings Christmas music to a different level, and we appreciate it.

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