Isabella Mendes | Pexel

Netflix Brings Musical Mysteries to Light with “ReMastered”

Prepare to cozy up with some Netflix this month – and for more than just scary movie marathons. On October 12th, Netflix will release the first episode ReMastered, an eight episode docu-series that follows some of the greatest mysteries in popular music history.

ReMastered is set to cover some of the largest names in music history – Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, and Jam Master Jay, to name a few. Though no major names from the EDM scene are set to make an appearance (yet), the show certainly investigates issues and asks questions that are relevant across the board.

The first episode, which deals with the mysteries behind Bob Marley’s death, explores Jamaican politics to investigate the CIA’s potential involvement in his murder. A later episode that follows Sam Cooke’s death questions whether or not the music industry suppressed news of the singer’s death due to his involvement with the civil rights movement. Seemingly, each mystery will present something of universal value to the table, but we’ll have to wait and see if Netflix’s approach lives up to expectations.

Unfortunately, not all of the episodes will be available immediately. You’ll have to wait out the monthly release period before you can binge it all. If you just can’t wait to find out what they’ll cover, you can find the synopsis of all the episodes here.

What musical mysteries would you like to see investigated? Let us know in the comments!