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Seattle Electronic Duo Mortals Release Their New Track EXOSTRANGER With Bay Area Producer Kiba

Local duo Mortals, Camren Webb & Brian Cian, has teamed up with bay area producer Kiba, Robert Shih, to create their new monster of a track “EXOSTRANGER“. This hard-hitting track brings together Mortals’ hard-hitting sound & Kiba’s melodically expansive melody & groove. With a Rezz type sound, this new release is sure to have you feeling a vibe. The inspiration behind Exostranger comes from Mortals’ love for video games and sound design. The title EXOSTRANGER refers to the transferring of the human consciousness into an artificial exoskeleton, and if you’re asking us, this title fits the track perfectly! After putting this record together, Mortals decided to reach out to bay area producer Kiba for a fresh perspective. The end result, a dynamically-progressive audible journey of becoming an EXOSTRANGER. Make sure to check out both Mortals and Kiba on SoundCloud, and let us know what you think of this track in the comments below.