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Borgore’s RFG is our favorite music video of the week

Screenshot from RFG music video
Screenshot from RFG music video

Some say the golden age of the music video has come and gone, but we say heck no! The craft will never die.

This week, we bring an excellent roundup of music videos ranging from horror to vapor wave. We hope you’re in the mood for longing because these videos will have you longing for the tension to finally ease up, longing for simpler times, longing to be back at your favorite show…and much more!

Kick back with us for a moment and enjoy the top five music videos released last week.

1. Borgore – RFG

Isreal-born electronic producer Borgore has worked with pop icons like Miley Cyrus and G-Eazy, performed at every major music festival in the world, and has even been recognized by LA Weekly as the Best Dubstep DJ. Still not sure what the hype is about? Check out his smash hit Forbes and tell me you’re not headbanging.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, with our gloomy weather and dark forests, we have a special appetite for horror. That’s why the music video for Borgore’s latest release RFG has us practically drooling. We won’t spoil the ending, but after nearly two and a half minutes of “pleasure and pain,” the commentary on modern society has us thinking deeply on what makes us tick.

2. Raven & Kreyn – 1995

Raven & Kreyn bring their future bass music into the world from their home country France. With previous tours in China and Europe, we’re expecting this duo to make their American debut in the coming years. We sure will be ready for them when they do.

Their most recent video hits the nail on the head when it comes to relevance, pacing, and style. As the New Year approaches, we’re all in the mood for a little nostalgia. This video gives us just that, riffing off of cultural touchstones such as cassette tapes, PAC-MAN, and space invaders. Structuring the video around a loading screen for each drop, what begins as an over the top lyrics video crosses over into a visually stunning music video with excellent rewatch potential. What’s more, the use of vapor wave and cyberpunk aesthetics perfectly captures the greater feeling of nostalgia that has captivated the masses in the year 2019.

3. Boombox Cartel – Remember

Boombox Cartel performed in Seattle last May, and his heavy tunes didn’t hit as hard as his political commentary on racial profiling and police violence in the United States. Using lights to turn the entire stage into a prison cell, we were absolutely stunned by the vision and execution of his show.

Looking back on a tour year, the video for Remember takes a popular video concept and adds enough beautiful cinematography, quality editing, and heart to create something truly memorable. Reflecting on the themes of his tour, the visuals take us back not only to a night of dancing and celebrating music, but back to that mental space of standing up with our peers and acknowledging the issues we face today. We were honored to be a part of this cross-cultural journey which brought Boombox Cartel to the US, China, and Europe.

4. ARMNHMR – Let Light Out

ARMNHMR brings together two young men from LA to produce beautiful, melodic dance tunes that have taken off. Stopping at 45 East in Portland, OR followed by a performance at Neumos in Seattle, WA, you’ll have a chance to catch the duo live this coming March.

Their video for Let Light Out uses mature cinematography and editing to take viewers on quite a ride. From floating up over the skyline, to traveling back in time, to free falling through a roller coaster of fast-paced shots, you’ll experience a range of emotions as you watch it. Overall, the video does an excellent job both humanizing the artists and capturing the dreamy, laid-back spirit of Southern California which permeates their music. 

5. Mija – Gypsy Woman

hi. I made this video for fun while spending some alone time in London. thought it looked cute playing over this track I re-made for Kitsuné. :)”

What else can we say? The woman speaks for herself. Stop reading and go listen to her music. Seriously.

You stubborn reader you. Since you insisted, here are our thoughts: Mija’s self-produced and self-released video captures her unique personality better than any professional filmmaker could. With an interesting backstory, Mija (Amber Giles) came to the music industry as a promoter, booking Skrillex before he came to mainstream fame. Uninterested in the typical hype video, with flame throwing and ungodly pulls from some expensive liqor, this video captures something intimate and personal. Her musical influences range from Bjork to Chopin, and we love the experimental tracks she’s putting out. If you’re intrigued, you’re in luck! You can catch her at the Crocodile this April!

Which video was your favorite? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook, and Twitter!

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