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Music That Will Change Your Mind About Drum and Bass

Music that will change your mind about Drum and Bass

Drum and bass – or DnB for short – is a genre that developed in the UK in the early 90s. Much like trance, DnB saw its peak in popularity in mid-late 90s. Nevertheless, producers kept the genre alive and evolving. Now, in the mid-2010s, DnB is attracting new listeners. Here we present you with four acts that have done their part to diversify the sound and broaden the scope of drum and bass.


Fred V & Grafix

These guys – Fred V and Grafix– pretty much define the “liquid” sound of DnB. Perhaps better described as a combination of DnB, trance, and big room house, liquid DnB is beautifully harmonic and uplifting with lots of sweeping vocals. Equally as impressive in their own productions,  Fred V and Grafix make a stellar duo.


KJ Sawka

Our love affair with KJ Sawka is no secret. Kevin “KJ” Sawka has been the bones for several big acts as well as managing a brilliant solo career. He got his big break playing with DnB traditionalist, Pendulum. But, proving he was no stranger to change, his rock solid rhythm section backed the bass heavy sound of Destroid. And then, of course there are various projects and solo works, ranging from dubstep to trap, to “Jazz n Bass”.



Boris “Netsky” Daenen is the youngest of the bunch, but has been making serious waves. Unlike KJ Sawka, Netsky did not originate as a live act. In 2012 he put together the LIVE! Project, who recently played a set in Seattle at the Crocodile. It must have been particularly awesome, since it got posted up by Mixmag.



This group hails from New Zealand and has been around since 1999. Their niche is a heavy dose of soul blended with good ol’ DnB. We’ve played these tunes for several audiences – electronic music fans and not – and it’s always a hit.

Let us know what you think of these DnB acts in your comments below. Are the others that you feel should be added to our list?

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Josh fell in love with Trance at USC's Resolution 2012. It's all been downhill from there as the obsession has grown to a full time hobby in seeking out interesting music across the dance music spectrum and attending crazy parties across the globe.

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