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Motion Notion is Changing Venues After 19 Years in Golden, BC

A festival named for it’s connection to movement and flux is living up to it’s name this summer. Motion Notion recently announced they’ll be moving their annual festival from Golden’s Beaverfoot Lodge to a new location this August. The long-running electronic festival that called Golden, B.C. it’s home for 19 years will now be in Merritt, B.C.

The festival announced on Facebook they will be leaving their site in Golden due to property development by ownership. MoNo says a team that previously worked with the festival to use the land is no longer there. The location will closed for annual maintenance.

Tickets remain non-refundable, but are easily transferable and resold through the website Showpass. The festival is promoting a ride-sharing option to help festival goers make it this year. To ease stress on attendees wallets, the festival also announced they will be waiving any vehicle fees.

The new location, Coldwater Fields Festival Grounds in Merritt, already seeing the stages built on it. They chose the location to maintain a “level of freedom, creativity, beauty, and vibe” that the festival cultivates.

The festival thanks both Bass Coast and Rockin’ River Music Festival for their help in finding a new location. They admit they tried every option to stay in Golden, but say it just wasn’t feasible. They also thank attendees and travelers for their patience and understand some may need to adjust their travel plans.

“We want to sincerely thank every property owner, farmer, lodge owner, real estate agent, government official, First Nations community, friend and family member… helping us while we searched for a site we could call home this year,” said the festival. . . It was truly touching to see our fellow festival community as well as perfect strangers all fighting for us to continue on – we can’t thank you enough for all the calls, support, ideas and contacts that were sent through during this quest” said the festival.

What do you think of the move? Will you be making to MoNo this year? Let us know in the comments!

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