John Tekeridis

And the Most Streamed Songs of the Summer Are…

It seems that music is always changing with new trends, artists, sounds and more. This summers trend, it seems, was Drake. Spotify recently released their most streamed songs of the summer, and Drake held a number of spots, with five songs! Cardi B also showed up a couple of times, and holding down the EDM category were Tiesto and Calvin Harris. The numbers were taken from June 1 to August 20.

The most streamed song of the summer was In My Feelings by Drake, with a whopping 393 million streams. Coming in second and third were two tracks with Cardi B: Girls Like You with 293 million streams, and I Like It with 289 million streams.

Though EDM wasn’t too heavily represented on Spotify, there were a couple on the list: Calvin Harris with One Kiss, and Tiesto with Jackie Chan. As a whole the list is hip-hop heavy, but some different kinds of music are represented. The list does already seem outdated though, showing how quickly music can change.

What was your favorite song of the summer?