Jenna Swanberg

Morgan Page Wins Over Portland Once Again

Morgan Page is no stranger to the Northwest, and the love is shown mutually every time he plays. This time around wasn’t any different. He played for a sold out show at 45 East this last Saturday, and it was full of good music, love and dancing.

45 East is always continuing to step their visuals and sound up. Every time we attend a show there, something improves. They have seemed to have found the perfect team for security, servers, lighting and sound.

The night started off with two talented local DJs, Evan Alexander and Eddie Pitzul. These two are always solid choices in the Portland music community, opening for some of the top DJs. They got the crowd ready for what was to come from the man of the hour, Morgan Page.

Morgan Page stepped behind the decks and even with just his shadow, the crowd went crazy. The crowd was ready for whatever he was going to throw at us this Saturday night. He started off with a number of top 40 tracks that he made his own, and the crowd loved them. He made every track his own, while staying relevant to what is loved by many people. His energy continued through out the night. Moving onto playing a number of harder tracks, that Portland is known for loving. Portland is known for getting down, and going a little hard. He was extremely good at reading the audience.

What we loved most was the way his positivity seemed to fill the room. Everyone in that room had all eyes and ears on him. He has a way with an audience. He not only makes you feel that he is playing just for you, but that his set is for you and your crew. He captivates a room with his energy and music.

No matter how many times Morgan Page comes to play, we know that the Northwest will show their love for the man behind a number of great tracks and perfect sets. If you missed him this time around, tickets are still available for his show in Seattle and we also have a feeling he will be back.

If you were at the Portland show, let us know what you thought below!