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Minecraft’s ‘Fire Festival’ A Roaring Success

From January 12-13, Fire, an exclusive music festival featured talent from the likes of Ekali and Slumberjack alongside stunning visuals and robust attendance. Set against a gorgeous landscape in a special locale, this was truly one for the books.

However, the event was attended entirely in cyberspace in the massive online gaming world of Minecraft. The multi-platform festival was paired with an official Discord server to accommodate for socialization between the users/ravers, with over 50 artists playing for the blocky, happy crowd.

Minecraft has long had a special relationship with the EDM community. Deadmau5 himself built his signature giant mouse head in the game at one point, and other in-game festivals have been great successes (Coachella, anyone?) On a larger scale, it has been argued that electronic music is indebted to video games and vice versa.

Consider the amazingly rapid growth of both over the past 30 years, from the limited capacities of the 8-bit NES to the HD capabilities of modern consoles. That comes in almost lock-step was EDM’s similar rise from simple synth sounds to entire concert setups held in one USB.

In any case, we look forward to more festivals held in this virtual space. We hope they’ll be safe from invading Creepers and Endermen alike.

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