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Midnight Tyrannosaurus Treats Us To Midnight Snacks Vol 1

Dubstep fans rejoice! Midnight Tyrannosaurus recently dropped a massive 25-track album, entitled Midnight Snacks Vol 1But heed our warning, this album is not for the faint of heart. A dinosaur-sized collection of tunes by the up-and-coming DJ and producer, Midnight Snacks caters to heavy dubstep and riddim lovers. If you’re unfamiliar with the works of Midnight T, his tracks are riddled with eclectic samples and gnarly basslines. He is one of the stars in the underground dubstep scene, bringing forth a deeper and wonkier sound. A few highlights of the album are The Good, The Bad & The GeckoThe Soulscraper featuring Dubloadz, and Headzipper.

Fans can either download the album for free or name their own price. This means you can pay anything from a dollar to 100 dollars, or whatever your heart desires. Midnight Tyrannosaurus says the donations go towards making a bigger and badder Midnight Snacks Vol 2.

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