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What We Learned During a Microdosing Panel at Portland’s The Analog

This last weekend I attended an informative talk and discussion at The Analog on microdosing for depression, anxiety and PTSD. The event was put on by the Portland Psychedelic Society, and was welcomed with a full house. The night consisted of 4 speakers and a stories and comment section. I wanted to share a couple things that stuck with me from the night.

  1. People that used opiates on a daily basis were able to get themselves completely off, and found a plan that worked for them through microdosing.
  2. If you are new to mushroom hunting, do not go by yourself. Go with someone that knows what they are doing and looking for. It can be very dangerous.
  3. It is more than just microdosing, but finding a plan and routine in meditation, diet, exercise, microdosing and support.
  4. Microdosing has helped people with depression, anxiety, energy, addiction, PTSD, and migraines. It even helped a color blind man see color.
  5. With microdosing you are on a schedule.
  6. You may not hear about microdosing as an option from a doctors office, but everyone is different, and certain medications may not work for everyone.
  7. Doses can be different from person to person, based on how prone they are.

This is still a controversial topic and a lot of studies still need to be done. But the more people discuss their situations, the more we will know.

What do think about states trying to legalize psychedelic mushrooms?