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Mercer’s New Remix of “Contagious” Has Us Shuffling

Tchami played in Seattle and Portland a few weeks ago on his Prophecy tour, and we still can’t get over it. Both nights were unbelievable, and because of that we thought it would be fitting to highlight an artist from his label Confession: Mercer. Mercer was a fan favorite when he opened up for Tchami in Portland, and he is continuing to win us over with his recent remix of MALAAs track Contagious.

When it comes to Mercer’s remix there is no denying it will make the shufflers happy. The song sounds like it is meant for shuffling, and if you do not know how, the song will make you think you can. The build and drops in the track are intense with future house vibes. The track has a crazy build that almost gives you anxiety, and the only way to cure it is with the drop and dancing.

Because of Mercer’s set in Portland, we are not surprised by how much we are feeling this remix right now (we have it on repeat). We would not be surprised if this was played at a number of festivals this coming festival season, we just hope we are there to experience the remix in a festival atmosphere.

Make sure to check it out!