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Martin Garrix Shows Glimpse Of Work With David Guetta

Originally dismissed as possibly a one hit wonder with his smash hit Animals, Martin Garrix has already made plenty of moves this year to show that he’s here to stay. Hot off the heels of his incredible Ultra Miami set in which he blew us away by playing almost all of his own original tracks, Martin Garrix has just released a glimpse of the work he has been doing with dance music legend David Guetta. Say what you will about some of Guetta’s on stage talents as of late (ahem, Tomorrowland), but he is still incredibly talented in the studio and we are interested to see what comes from Garrix as a result of his mentorship.


Admittedly it’s not the most exciting track in the world, with the electro house beats and plea of”everybody clap your hands” that have come to be typical of Guetta,  but we would be lying if we said we wouldn’t move our feet to it a little bit when we hear it at the Gorge later this summer. Since this is only a preview, we hope the later results of the collaboration bring us more to be excited about. It’s still hard to believe that Martin Garrix is only 18 given the incredible talent he possesses. For a reminder of what he’s capable of, check out Martin’s live Ultra set below. He along with 5 other incredibly talented artists will be joining us in just two shorts months at Paradiso, and we absolutely cannot wait.

What are your thoughts on Martin Garrix and David Guetta’s collaboration? Do you want more or are you hoping Martin forges his own path? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter, or Facebook.