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Martin Garrix Shares His Love Letter With the LGBTQ Community

The month of June is recognized as Pride Month for the LGBTQ community. This June Billboard asked a number of artists to write ‘‘love letters’ to the LGBTQ community, and a number of singers, talk show hosts, and actors wrote letters. The list included Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Demi Lovato, Halsey, Tegan and Sara, just to name a few. Within our own EDM community, Martin Garrix shared his thoughts.

Here is his letter:

“I’ve been raised with the belief that everyone is equal no matter what gender, skin color, or sexual orientation. I’m from The Netherlands which is one of the most liberal and accepting countries when it comes to LGBT rights, but even here, not everyone is accepting.
A couple of weeks ago, two gay men were assaulted in Holland because they were holding hands. A tragic event which sparked a beautiful response; a couple of days after the event took place hundreds of people walked hand in hand through Amsterdam to show their solidarity including many politicians. When people unite and stand up for other people’s rights it creates such a beautiful and powerful message. We will not be defined by these heinous acts but instead how we band together and react to them, loyal, united and filled with love.
Whenever I’m on stage it makes me so happy to see all these different people in the crowd having fun together. Music really unites people and no matter who tries to get in our way, it will always continue to do so. This Pride month I’m sending my love and immense gratitude to the entire LGBTQ community which includes my friends, colleagues, fellow artists, and of course my incredibly loyal fans.
Love is love.”

Like Martin Garrix, many of us live in cities that are more liberal and open minded, but not everyone is surrounded by a mostly supportive community. That is where EDM comes in for some. Within the EDM community many believe and feel exactly what Martin Garrix says, “equal no matter what gender, skin color, or sexual orientation.” Though not everyone in our daily lives believes this, when we enter a EDM festival, or show, we often feel this love and acceptance. People find acceptance in a world where they once had a hard time before.

It is amazing to see so many people writing, and supporting the LGBTQ community. To have someone within out community speaking up makes us proud. It’s important for the EDM community to be an advocate and a safe space of acceptance. The more we ban together, and hear from leaders of our community like Martin Garrix, the bigger and more impactful this movement will be.