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Experiencing Music Beyond Sound: Martin Garrix’s Concert for the Deaf

There are so many things we love about the dance music community and our beloved events that we attend together. We love the PLURR vibes and all the people putting them out, and we love the music. Not everyone who attends can actually hear the music though, like Monica from the viral video where her friend Keelin signed the words to Gareth Emery’s U to her.

Not all deaf attendees have a friend around to interpret the lyrics for them, but there are other ways to appreciate the music. Out to prove that Music Lifts You Up, Martin Garrix recently performed a show for the Deaf at a special venue, and the reactions were truly touching.

Martin Garrix and 7Up came together with experiential artists to create a custom venue where music could be felt or seen. In addition to a ton of speakers and LEDs, Music Lifts You Up featured boxes of water that danced to the music, platforms to stand on that vibrated to the beat, and even a special backpack that vibrated the sound right through your chest. If you’ve ever spent any time directly in front of the speakers at a show, you can understand how feeling the music could be almost as intense as hearing it.

“This is one of the best shows I ever did.” – Martin Garrix

Watching everyone enjoy the show in this unconventional way is heart-warming and reminded us of the good that our community is capable of. So in addition to being promo for Now That I’ve Found You (feat. John & Michel) we think this was a really sweet and creative thing that they put together.

We hope to see more innovative shows like this that continue to prove how inclusive and awesome the dance music community truly is. What’s the most touching moment you’ve ever witnessed at a show?