Marshmello Releases New Single With Pritam Entirely in Hindi

Everyone’s favorite masked DJ is showing no signs of slowing down. It has been nearly 2 months since his December 7 release of Project Dreams with Roddy Rich. Now, this week Marshmello released his 24th official single available for listeners worldwide. Marshmello teamed up with Indian star Pritam to create the crossover hit, Biba.

The language of the new track is entirely in Hindi. It won’t exactly be blowing up main-stage festivals across the United States. The catchy rhythm and happy atmosphere of Biba lead us to believe that this track will be very successful with Pritam’s target market in India.

This isn’t the first time Marshmello has collaborated with an international superstar. Back in September Mello released the single In Love with a musician from Egypt named Amr Diab. The masked producer certainly has the skill to adapt to different styles of music, ranging from hip-hop, pop, alternative, and bass music. It shouldn’t be surprising that he would experiment with musical styles from different countries.

Despite the lyrics being in another language, both his Indian and Egyptian collabs have created fun experiences. Not a Marshmello fan? Even more of a reason to check out these two songs. You can open your ears to new styles and learn about Marshmello’s studio skills outside of mainstream American music.

What do you think of Marshmello’s new song? Should he continue to create crossover hits, or stay with the familiar American market? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!