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Full Video of Marshmello’s In-Game Fortnite Concert

If you haven’t heard, Marshmello just hosted his own live concert in a video game, specifically, it was in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The mini-concert lasted about 10 minutes, featuring a handful of the DJ’s most popular songs such as Happier and Alone. The virtual stage came to life in Pleasant Park as Marshmello stood on stage. His avatar was synced with the music producer as he performed in a full motion-capture studio so fans could see every single movement synced to his avatar in real time.

Instead of fighting together at a battleground, players were all flying around and partying in this virtual mini-concert. To make things even better, the set had giant dancing holograms, colorful lights, and big, yellow balloons hailing from the sky.

Watch the full video of the concert below:

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