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MarQ’s “Living Gods” Takes Us Down a Tech House Rabbit Hole

Walk into any major festival and chances the music being played is some sort of big room or electro house. Step on to one of the side stages and you’ll usually find bass, trance, and house variants. Although not featured on the main stages at the big commercial dance music festivals, here in Seattle we have amazing house club nights and plenty of other events this month, such as Pet Cemetery. House, along with its variants, often showcases some great talent and track releases. Here we bring you Living Gods from our Seattle local MarQ.

The track by MarQ is a departure from some of his productions this summer, which were more progressive trance in nature. Living Gods is a tech house track that fuses house and tech trance while giving it a darker edge with tribal vocals. It has a smooth progression that has fit nicely into some of MarQ’s set as he has been testing the crowd reaction at some of his shows with this track. Coming in at just over 5 minutes, the song will start off a bit slow, deep, and will take you down a rabbit hole journey.

MarQ’s Living Gods has been remixed by Chris Herrera, giving the song a deep and tech house sound. It has carried over the feel of the song but with a deeper darker edge to it. You can check out both tracks now, they are out on Beatport.

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