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Maribou State: A Smooth & Sexy Edition To Your Collection

Ah, music -the most beautiful blend of pitch, rhythm, and tempo. It can make or break your mood and take you on an auditory journey adventure through the many lengths of emotion. Everyone has experienced that pleasant sense of satisfaction when they come across a musical treasure, and luckily for you, we found a gem worth noting. Welcome Maribou State, a UK duo who have mastered the art of sexy meets subtlety. They have cemented their reputation as a live act alongside SBTRKT and have done some remixing magic on Ultraista and Crookers. The boys, Liam Ivory and Chris Davis have been pals since school and have a history of not getting along until eventually using their dynamic personalities to create some of the grooviest music around today. Every track is crafted into a  blissful slice of shimmering precision and has just the right touch of subtle secrecy to make things interesting.

You may have heard Maribou state in one of Kastle’s mixtapes, where the boys took a stab at reworking “Can’t Explain” and did a damn good job incorporating their delicate and smooth take on the track. The duo will be making big strides this year as underground music will be making a rise to the top. For now, enjoy the mellow, polished, atmospheric works of Maribou State.