(Is this your photo?)

Man Detained After Instagram Post Holding Gun with Caption “Ultra Music Festival”

Ultra Miami was this last weekend, and though it seemed to go well, someone had to go too far. Rayne Russell was taken into custody after posting a photo on Instagam holding a firearm, while a silencer sat on the table next to him. He captioned the photo “Ready for the weekend” and he included hashtags, “#tgif,” and “#ultramusicfestival.”

Police could tell the photo was posted from inside the festival and were able to get a location on him. After detaining and questioning Russell they realized he was not a threat, but just made a stupid mistake and let him go.

Ray Martinez, who is the Head of Security for Ultra, said:

“Great police work by the Miami Police Department. We had his picture, we knew who he was, and he had posted it while he was inside our festival, and we saw that post, and we were able to identify the location where he was at.”

Police had the same thought many of us did. “He did something thinking it was funny, and obviously we didn’t find it funny at all,” said Miami Police officer Michael Vega. With all the talk about gun control and the horrific actions of people, you would hope people would think before posting.

But this does show the amazing work of both Ultra, and the Miami Police department. After the Las Vegas Massacre, Ultra’s security team put more focus on social media activity. But always remember to stay aware of your surroundings, and please be smart with your social media.