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Madeon’s ‘Adventure’ Brings Fans A Midi Inspired Beat Generator

In celebration of Madeon‘s new album, Adventure, the young and very talented producer has developed a beat generator that gives fans the chance to mix and mash some of Madeon’s biggest hits. This 6×6 grid allows you to launch drum beats, bass lines, vocal samples, and synths all simultaneously. Madeon has found a very cool and fun way to give back to his fans, since he himself has found fame, following his infamous midi launchpad video, Pop Culture. The adventure machine gives each and every Madeon fan the fun of experiencing his music from the performance perspective we all know and love in his live sets.

This week marks the moment of Madeon’s new album, Adventure. While you’re at home experiencing his new music, sit in the driver’s seat, grab the wheel, and take the adventure machine for a spin. The 20 year old Frenchmen has truly proven himself in the electronic dance community and continues to rock crowds around the world.

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