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Madeon And Vengeance Settle Stolen Sample Debacle

Most of us know being a producers isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We often hear of situations or arguments about how so and so stole this sound, or that sample. It can get pretty nasty sometimes, trust us. The latest issue that’s come to everyone’s attention via twitter is between Madeon and Vengeance. Madeon, a 20-year-old producer from France, stated that some of Vengeance’s samples sounded remarkably similar to his own original sounds. Vengeance, a long-time d&b DJ/ producer of Brittain, scoffed at Madeon’s accusation and retorted back that all of  his samples were made personally in Nexus (a popular production tool).

Now, more often than not, these kind of situations tend to boil over into heated arguments. However,  Madeon valiantly handled this particular mishap with repose and a level-head, which lead to a peaceful resolution. After emailing back and forth, Madeon and Vengeance came to an agreement that the two samples in question would be not be used by Vengeance. Madeon proceeded to tweet that everything had been taken care of civilly, and even gave props to Vengeance for figuring out the situation.