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Rezz’s Artist Luis Colindres Releases Trippy ‘Dropping Colour’ Coloring Book

After launching a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Luis Colindres has (finally) released the EDM-inspired adult coloring book titledĀ Dropping Colour: A Mindtrip Colouring Book.

The illustrator is mainly known for his collaboration with Rezz, theĀ Mass Manipulation Comic which chronicles the story of an alien from Neptune who came to Earth for one purpose: to hypnotize and manipulate Earth’s citizens.

The new coloring book is a trippy work of artā€”an understatement to say the leastā€”that features anything between robots and six-eyed dragons. As a result, this comic is not for the faint of heart, or kids. Additionally,Ā Luis Colindres shared that he would be making some new pieces of art exclusively for this book.

Go here to get your copy of the psychedelic coloring book for only $20. And if you’re wondering what kind of coloring supplies to use, Colindres has you covered.Ā In an interview with EDM Identity, the artist recommended using colored pencils, as they “can fill in even the smallest of details.”