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Prepare for an Evening Under the Rainbow With Our Lucky 2017 Artist Guide

lucky 2017 four leaf clovers

Liquid Stranger

Martin Stääf, otherwise known as Liquid Stranger, is a dubstep producer known for dabbling in many genres. For this reason, he is sure to be on the ‘Do Not Miss’ list for Lucky 2017. Liquid Stranger was ‘born’ in 2003, with Stääf’s desire to keep his identity a secret. In an interview with Interchill in 2009, he made a tongue-in-cheek comment about his secret identity stating that “at first, the plan was to keep my identity a secret, so I never did interviews or showed my face on stage. After a while, it became quite tricky. in fact, Interchill finally ruined this idea by writing my name on the record sleeves.”

It’s no surprise that Liquid Stranger has headlined at other cutting-edge festivals in the Pacific Northwest.A couple of notable names stand out, such as Shambhala and Paradiso. He’s one of those artists that has a way of keeping you guessing where he’s going with his sets. Which is pretty great, because as we all know, hearing the same tune on a loop for hours on end can be quite tiring. Be sure to check out his hypnotizing beats at Lucky 2017.


Miami-based DJ Lookas convinced his parents to let him postpone college for a year so he could focus on music. Rolling Stone said that his music “sounds like the logical conclusion in the quest to make heavy festival trap even heavier” and boy, were they right. Listening to his music, it’s hard not to hear the heavy metal bands that we loved when we were growing up. He’s releasing an EP sometime this year, and all the while it’s proving that the year he took off was a choice well made. And, well…we have to thank his parents for their encouraging him to follow his dreams.

Mark Sherry

In a Facebook post made on January 21st, Mark Sherry mentioned how excited he is to be at Lucky for his debut gig in Seattle. This had his fans going wild. The Scottish producer helped with the rise of the successful label Detox Records and then ventured out to launch his own label Outburst Records in 2014. The company features artists hand-picked by Mark Sherry, who challenge the boundaries of trace and techno. His high paced and heavy trance music is sure to blow your mind.


New Jersey native Santos Torres has become well known in the progressive and trance communities at a young age. His exposure to electronic music was an unusual circumstance. Through watching a video game montage, he discovered DJ Paul Van Dyke. Not long after he heard the mix, he found it in the forum and he started digging deeper to see what electronic music was all about.

Monoverse hosts a mix show called ‘Digitally Imported’s DJ Mixes’ channel. It’s now proclaimed as the largest Trance radio station that the world wide web has. Additionally, the show airs every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. If you want to check out Monoverse Radio, you can click here.

Monoverse delivers the perfect blend of progressive patterns and melodic vibes that are a large part his signature And so, he makes the list for ‘Do Not Miss’ artists at Lucky 2017.


Tyler Marenyi taught himself Ableton Live/Reason while putting himself through a four year school. After he graduated from Elon University with a finance degree, he decided to give himself a better chance. So, he moved to LA to pursue his dreams. Talk about a career change!

In two short years, he went from being an anonymous artist to collaborating with well-known names. One such collaboration was with Dillon Francis on a track titled  Need You in 2016. A few months previously, Mad Decent released his self-titled EP, Here’s Need You. If you had describe to describe the track in three words it would be tribal, trap and plain funky. Seriously, this track was so good that the Funk Hunters used it at their Shambhala 2016 set. Who knows what 2017 has in store for this accomplished trap artist? One can only speculate that it’ll be incredible.

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