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Lucky 2016 Gear Guide: 14 Magically Delicious Outfits and Accessories

Prevent getting pinched with these easy costume ideas

One of the best parts of attending an EDM festival is the opportunity to express yourself in a supportive and loving environment. It’s a great time to get weird! Themed festivals make it easy for entry-level ravers and veterans alike to experiment. With Lucky coming up right around the corner, we put together a little guide to some goodies you can buy that would make St. Patrick himself jealous.

**Everything in our Lucky 2016 Gear Guide is Amazon Prime eligible, so thanks to the power of the internet you can have them at your door in two days**

1. Leprechaun Costume

leprechaun costume

To start us off we have the classic leprechaun suit. Perfect for the “I want to buy one thing and be done” shopper. You’ll look like you jumped straight off the cereal box with this full leprechaun get up.

Leprechaun Suit

2. St. Patty’s Day Grab Bag

st patricks day costume set

Second we’ve got the St. Patrick’s Day Dress up Set: Shamrock Beads Necklaces, Tattoos, Shamrock Shutter Shades, Head Bopper, & Acrylic Irish Print Gloves pack. Come to your less-prepared friend’s rescue with this variety pack of goodies, or put all the tattoos on your neck and look like the Lucky Charms kid’s worst nightmare.

Grab Bag

3. St. Patty’s Day Set

st patricks day costume set 2

The ‘Wait LUCKY is THIS weekend?’ starter pack.

St. Patty’s Day Set

4. Shamrock’n Roll

four leaf clover beads

Bees? No no, BEADS.

Shamrock’n Roll


st particks day bow tie

You probably shouldn’t wear ONLY a bowtie, but it’s a great addition to an outfit.


6. Diffraction in Action

diffraction glasses

Add another dimension of weird to the night … with diffraction glasses!

Diffraction Glasses

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