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Lost Your Friends at EDC? There’s an App for That!

Picture these common scenarios:

You tell your friends you’ll be right back. You go to use a bathroom and get a little lost along the way. Maybe the line was super long and held you waiting, or maybe you made new friends on the way back. Whatever the case may be, you get back to where you left your crew and they’re all gone!

Maybe you’re stumbling through a city of tents trying to find your camp among identical looking tents. You’ve had a long night and could have swore you camped just a bit further down there. It was down towards the end, across from the flag someone put up. . . no, not that one, a more colorful flag. You’re sure it was right here. . .

Or, you said you’d meet in front of the bar near the Cascade tent. Come time to leave, you’re struggling to fine where you parked the car. If only there was some kind of shining light, or a beacon, or something to guide your way.

ShiftPod Beacon lets you find things through augmented reality

Just in time for EDC, an new augmented reality app can help keep you on track. ShiftPod Beacon is now available on the App Store for iOS devices to rescue your forgetful self when you’re lost. Developed by Flaregun, the app is another facet of what they call a “social AR eco-system” aimed at bringing people together.

The app works by using your phones camera and an augmented reality system to set up a digital totem at your tent. The system will then associate that totem with it’s physical location allowing you to find exactly where you left it! Since it uses your phone’s camera you won’t need to worry about having service either.

The digital totems don’t stop at your tent. They can be placed at parking spots too, meaning you’ll never have to worry about losing your car in a parking desert again. The app will also mark down meeting spots, so you and your friends will know exactly where to be.

Lost where your friends went? The app allows you to send a FriendLink text to share locations. You can also find them in a crowd by utilizing virtual totems. By looking through your phone you can see where your friends, car, camp, and meetup spot is. So, with or without service, the app can help you connect with your people. You can download it here!

What do you think of the app? Are you at EDC and willing to try it?  Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!

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