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From Russia to Seattle, Local Producer LÖSH Tells His Story

We recently found out about local DJ, LÖSH. He has a great sound, with an awesome attitude.

Originally born in Russia, LÖSH moved a handful of times, and ended up in Seattle. Playing piano and saxophone, his love for music started early. Continuing into college he wanted to learn more about the technical aspects of music, and he earned his audio engineering certification. He has worked with local indie and hip-hop artists, produced his own music, and is currently working artist relations for USC Events and Foundation Nightclub.

LÖSH does not put himself in a specific genre. He creates his music in a way that feels natural. Influenced by bass music and hip-hop (early 2000s primarily), you can find him combining these genres into his live sets. He has found inspiration locally, as well as globally.

Inspired by Madeon, Skrillex and Diplo, he shares: “They and their teams are pioneers in the craft, and have shaped our perception of modern electronic music. They’ve been so effective, that most of mainstream pop music incorporates parts of their work, which I think is pretty incredible and deserves recognition.” Locally he seems to have found a great group of people to work with and be a part of, finding inspiration in his friends Levitate, Doozy, and Moobek.

Along with producing, LÖSH owns a record label, StoryTime Entertainment LLC. StoryTime was created in 2013 by him and a few friends.

“A few friends and I were hanging out listening to music, and we began discussing how amazing songs are like … embodied with the feelings and emotions of the artist who made them. It’s kind of a way to look into the life of the artist, and their story, hence the creation of “StoryTime.” So we started throwing parties and promoting artists in Portland, OR, which then led to bigger events with bigger artists in both Portland and Seattle. Later on we started doing StoryTime Session guest mixes with Q&A, as well as track releases, as another way to share the unique stories of these artists and their music.”

LÖSH seems to be going in the right direction. With a great support system and positive outlook, we are excited to see what he does for the dance community, and anybody that finds his music. With hopes to help and change peoples lives, his mindset is refreshing. He has respect for fellow DJs, and knows how common good performances are, making the quality of the music so much more important.

“Its the quality of the music you make, and the community you build with your friends & fans that really makes a difference. Some of my friends have been to literally every single one of my shows, which is straight crazy, but I love them for it!”

Check out LÖSH’s recent remix and stay up to date on his, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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