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Looking Back At Bliss: Heartache Restored

bliss the awakening personal seattle 2016

The buildup: blue lasers moved from left to right, as if they were surveying the crowd. White strobe lights pulsated to the sound of bone shaking bass. Italian trance maestro Giuseppe Ottaviani perched high above the crowd, focused on not one, but two laptops as he crafted the next massive drop. Hundreds of hands pointed to the ceiling in anticipation. Then there’s me, in the middle of it all, on the verge of tears. Thanks to Bliss: The Awakening, I thought about my ex-lover for the first time in months. Just as I thought I was over her, Bliss reminded me I really wasn’t.

It’s been about a week since Bliss, the Pacific Northwest’s first true trance massive, and I can’t stop replaying that scene in my head. It was in that moment, the moment when Ottaviani played 4 Strings’ classic hit Take Me Away (Into the Night), that I remembered my ex, who dumped me on Christmas Day last year. We weren’t together for long, only four months, but there was something real between us and for it to end the way it did, left me hurt for weeks. Thanks to uplifting trance music, amongst other things, I was able to heal and move on.

[pullquote align=”right”]“Take me away; million miles away from here. Take me away; find a place for you and me. You’re taking me higher, high as I could be. Take me away; forever you and me.”[/pullquote]

Trance, like most genres in electronic dance music, has its sub genres. In addition to uplifting, there’s progressive, psy, vocal, tech and more! Being the trance warrior that I am, I tried to introduce my ex to these sounds. I failed, for the most part, but one of the few songs she ended up liking was Take Me Away. She used to rave about the angelic vocals of Vanessa Van Hemert, and how the song reflected her attitude toward our relationship.

Classic lyrics, as evident by the amount of people singing along at Bliss. As Ottaviani continued to build toward the drop, I could only stare at the flashing lights as emotions flooded my mind. Then the drop happened.

When the drop hit, the dancing blue and white strobe lights instantly transformed into a rainbow euphoria. Neon hues, dancing lasers, and a bright, intergalactic background lit up Seattle’s WaMu Theater. Hands that were previously raised to the ceiling were now dancing left and right. Stage dancers were floating like angels, spinning with precision and grace. In my years of going to festivals, I’ve never experienced a moment like this. I truly felt like I was in trance heaven.

Bliss was a wonderful experience, and hopefully it will be a regular event for years to come. How was your Bliss experience? Did you catch the feels like I did? Drop us a comment or use the hash tag #DMNW. Now excuse me as I wipe my eyes!

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