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AMF Is The Seattle Trap Duo To Beat in 2017 (Local Spotlight)

As the bass scene continues to rise out of the PNW, we thought we’d introduce you to two locals that have the potential of expanding quickly very soon. Seattle-based DJ and producer duo AMF are steadily proving themselves as a reckoning force in the electronic music world with their trappy sound distinction. After listening to a few of Andy Kutner & Grey Tsosie’s tracks, you’ll certainly understand when we say their music hits you in the face exactly like an AMF.

Their unique productions and explosive performances captivate listeners all over the West Coast. Those who were lucky enough to attend Bass Therapy in Seattle last month know exactly what the hype is all about. In the time they’ve been working together, Kutner and Tsosie have continued to grow their sonic influence through collaborations and various notable releases. 2016 was a year where AMF saw the majority of their releases earn well over 100,000 views, so make sure to keep an eye out for what’s to come from the duo in 2017.

Their latest release is a flip of Bro Safari and Dion Timmers’ Proper that gives you that sudden shot of adrenaline at the drop. Check this out.

What do you think of AMF’s flip of Proper? Share your responses in the comments, and let us know what other local PNW artists deserve some spotlight as well!