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Lightning In A Bottle, But Outside Of The Box [Event Review]

Our event standards are approaching insatiable here at Dance Music Northwest, but there are a few select festivals that keep us coming back for more. Lightning in a Bottle enjoyed its third year in 2015 and, considering the exponential rate it’s developed thus far, we expect its 2016 return to be a bucket-list item for festival virgins, novices, and experts across the globe.

"Lost Tea Party" installation by the Mutoid Waste art collective

“Lost Tea Party” installation by the Mutoid Waste art collective (Photo by Aaron Glassman)

You might already be familiar with The Do LaB’s unique approach to building the music and art communities – at the very least, you’ve probably drooled over photos of their independently-managed stage at Coachella – but you still might be underestimating their competitive edge if you haven’t attended their only homegrown festival. You might want to check your bank account before you click to the next page because, if you haven’t decided to buy a presale for Lightning in a Bottle 2016 by the end of this article, then we haven’t done our job.