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Lightning In A Bottle: 5 Things We Absolutely Loved

The dust has settled, the music in our heads has finally subsided, and now better late than never, we wanna share our 10 favourite moments at Lightning in a Bottle this year.

This Do-Lab fronted festival has been a mainstay in the circuit for the last few years and we finally got a chance for a couple of our friends to go check it out, and report their findings back! This fest has long been a gold standard in organization and planning, and we were thrilled to be able to go experience it.

5. The lineup was insanely diverse and talented

Let’s be real, this is the number one thing people look for in a festival. With names like Anderson .Paak, Tipper, The Glitch Mob and more, we got to see some of the best and brightest on the northwest and beyond.

Huge shout locals Pigeon Hole for absolutely smashing their set at the Pagoda stage. Watching them come this far has been a true honour.

Watchara 2018

4. The workshops

One of the best parts of any festivals is the workshops, but LiB really changed the game for their selections this year. Anything from yoga, to psychedelics, to sexuality were covered over the 4 days. It also really brought a new appreciation for certain subjects to people.

Watchara 2018

3. The people

The best and brightest in the PNW come out for this one, and we spent most of our time people watching these amazing creative types; it was so inspiring seeing so many different sub groups of people coming together.

Mario Prelic

2. The fashion

Capitalizing on that creative type we discussed in our comment above, we wanna talk about the fashion. With so many people coming together to one place, the intensity of the outfit design really stands out, especially with those who frequent the festival year after year. They know what they want to look like and they love it!

Mario Prelic

1. The gorgeous venue

This venue is one of the most beautiful things we have seen in recent memory. With sprawling views and a beautiful water source, this really sets the bar for festival venues and locations. The water was easily the best part of being there. With the hot california sunshine beating down on us daily, it was nice to be able to hop in a cool body of water to help beat the heat!

Watchara 2018

Wish we could have experienced a bit more, there was just so much going on that it was impossible to catch it all! But, at least we have an idea of what to expect next year!

Who was there with us this year? What was your favorite moment from the weekend? Are you already getting LiB withdrawals? Let us know in the comments!