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Leave Wallets At Home: Insomniac Introducing Cashless System to EDC Orlando

Perhaps one of the worsts things you could do at a music festival is lose your belongings. You might as well say RIP to your PLUR vibes. Luckily, for people who have a hard time keeping their things secured in pockets or fluffies, the dance music scene is moving in a new direction: cashless. Insomniac Events announced that they will offer a cashless payment system for EDC Orlando this November 7-8, allowing attendees to go wallet-free if they choose. Affectionately called Daisy Dollars, attendees can load funds into an account linked to their RDIF-chipped wristbands. Daisy Dollars can be used to purchase anything inside such as food, water and merchandise. The money leftover after the festival will be automatically refunded to the wearer, with a $4.50 fee.

The idea for Daisy Dollars is nothing new, with festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza already using RDIF wristband technology. The benefits for using a cashless system is that it allows for quicker service, shorter lines, and you wouldn’t have to risk losing credit cards or money. We’ve continuously seen event organizers incorporate new technologies in order to enhance the traditional festival experience. While it hasn’t been implemented at any festivals in our upper left corner of the United States, we predict this could soon change in 2015.

Would you use a cashless payment system if it was incorporated to a Northwest festival? Or is it too much hassle?  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Tweet us or comment down below!