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The Launchpad S Control Pack Is An Ableton Beginner’s Dream

Nobody in the world has to prove the worth of the Novation Launchpad.  The Ableton trigger surface has become ubiquitous with the Live digital audio workstation.  It’s ease of use and low price have made it a favorite of bedroom producers across the world.  Now, like many mid-range audio equipment manufacturers, Novation has launched a Launchpad package.

The Launchpad S Control Pack complete with everything a new Ableton Live producer would need to get started. The seminal Launchpad. The newly released Launch Control rotary, FX, and device toggle surface. A copy of Ableton Live Lite 9 (really Novation? No discounted upgrade to the full version?). In addition, users receive a bundle of loops and sounds and what appears to be a sweet carrying case for your Ableton swag.

If you’re just starting out with Live digital production, the Launchpad S Control Pack is a no-brainer.  No official price has been released, but we assume a bundle discount will be in place.  Here is the official Novation press release:

Novation is pleased to present Launchpad S Control Pack: For the first time, get Launchpad S, Launch Control, Ableton Live Lite 9, 1GB of loops and sounds, and two custom designed cases in a single pack.

Launch loops and sounds and play drums and melodies with the Launchpad S, and control mixer, instrument, and effects with Launch Control. As you move from studio to stage, the custom designed cases keep Launchpad S and Launch Control safe and secure.