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Gareth Emery Uploads His Vancouver Laserface Set, and It Will Melt Your Face

With more lasers, and new tunes to boot, trance legend Gareth Emery took his Laserface rig to Vancouver- performing one of the most spectacular sets we’ve ever seen. Miss out on all the action? Or just want to relive it again? Now you can!

The British Trance legend uploaded his entire Laserface Vancouver set to YouTube, for the world to see. Check it out below!

Taking place inside the PNE Forum, the two-hour set features some of Emery’s classic hits, like Concrete Angel and Dynamite, combined with a wealth of new IDs and edits. Even famed trance vocalist Emma Hewitt joined the party, taking to the stage to belt out a few tunes; a real treat for trance families in attendance.

Emery recently took to Instagram to dispel the belief that his Laserface sets are pre-recorded- which makes Laserface even more amazing. “I am DJing 100% live. Doing it any other way wouldn’t feel right,” Emery states. With 100+ lasers programmed to dance to each track, Laserface is more than a show: it’s a technical, and artistic marvel. Somehow, it’s continuing to get bigger, and better.

If you missed Laserface Vancouver, you can get your fix at Trancegiving 2018, aka Dreamstate SoCal.

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