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Whiiite Catches Fire With Lana Del Rey ‘Shades Of Cool’ Remix

Los Angeles based producer Whiiite pushes the boundaries of future hip-hop in his newest remix of Lana Del Rey’s Shades Of Cool. Whiiite originally took interest in remixing Lana’s single mid flight from Chicago to Los Angeles when he was giving her new album a listen.

Was vibing on Lana Del Rey’s New album on a flight from Chicago to LA and heard Shades of Cool. Started messing with a beat on the flight and this is where we ended. –Whiiite

The outcome of the remix certainly exceeded our expectations, especially after keeping tabs on the certain style he’s been producing with as of lately (give his Move That Dope remix a listen) but don’t get comfortable. He’s versatile and continues to grow and expand sounds, one of the reasons why Whiiite is such an exciting producer. In between taking up his passion with music, you can also find him creating art through other avenues such as his digital comic book The Beekeeper. Take a listen to his new remix below and be sure to leave your thoughts!


Click here for the free download.