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Kygo: From Tropical House To Melodious Piano Jam

The name Kygo and the genre Tropical House go hand in hand, but the Norwegian DJ and producer broke away from his signature sounds with the release of “Piano Jam.” Not that there was much doubt, but Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll proves his musical prowess with this track and shows his fans that there’s more to his talents than the trop-house flutes and synths that we’ve come to expect.

It starts off as a lulling piano melody and slowly picks up the pace with the addition of a steady beat and string accompaniments. The song feels like an emotional journey, at some points exultant and at others introspective and maybe a tad wistful. It trails out just like it starts with an honest, simple combination of keys. “Piano Jam” is the type of song that creeps up and haunts you long after the music stops.

Give “Piano Jam” a listen and let us know how you feel about Kygo’s ventures out of trop-house territory.