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Krewella Set to Return to the PNW with Sweatbox Tour

Coming hot off announcing their latest EP, Ammunition, Krewella is bringing their Sweatbox Tour to Seattle for a night of intimacy. The short, 16 date tour will be the first time the duo make a stop in the PNW since Paradiso 2014, as well as the first tour after a major rebuilding. Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf have had quite the rocky past, having climb major hurdles as well as overcome a lot of criticisms in the dance community. 2016 is shaping up to mark the year of their return and, from what we’ve seen, we couldn’t be more excited.

Taking a step back for the big name festivals and massive ballrooms, Krewella has opted to play their upcoming tour in small, grimy venues to give an intimate experience for their fans. Making things a little interesting, the tour will also have a lottery based system for tickets due to limited availability and a push for the groups true fans to attend. Fans are able to request tickets until the 18th of May, with random selection beginning on the 19th. Each ticket will also include a free download of their newest EP along with what promises to be a memorable night.

The Sweatbox Tour has been billed as a “live” show, which means the girls will be bringing their band and cramming them inside these small venues as well. As we’ve said before, live sets have truly made their mark on 2016, and we expect to continue to see this trend grow within the scene. Krewella has been rocking their live setup for a little over a year now, but this will be their first full tour featuring their band. The tour isn’t the only thing that has peaked out excitement about Krewella’s return to the touring scene. Their fresh tracks Broken Record and Beggars both show that the girls have certainly evolved over the last year.

The Sweatbox Tour makes it’s PNW stop September 8th at The Crocodile. No exact ticket count has been announced, but we highly advise if your a fan to request tickets before the May 18th deadline. We’re looking forward to seeing what the sisters have been working on, and can’t wait to see their live set later this year.