Korg To Release Limited Edition ARP Odyssey FS Synthesizer

Korg has officially announced the limited reissue of the full-size ARP ODYSSEY. Originally produced in 1972 by ARP Instruments, the classic synth was built and sold for the better part of a decade, and went through several changes over the years. The Odyssey was one of the first two-voice synthesizers, with controls for every parameter laid out on the front panel.

Two years ago, we saw the reissue of a scaled-down replica of the ARP ODYSSEY. While it was cool to see the Odyssey brought back, it’s 86% size lacked the feel of the original models. This 2017 version will be full-scale, and it will include both USB and MIDI connections.

Even better, the synths are being made domestically. They are assembled and tested in New York, where each unit undergoes an aging process to create more authenticity. Every step is being taken to adhere to the core of the original Odyssey models.

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Slated to be released next month, the ARP Odyssey FS will be available in all three models in a limited capacity. There will no doubt be previews and announcements from Korg at The 2017 NAMM Show. The tentative retail price for this beloved recreation is $1599.99. For more production related articles, check out our production section!