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Koan Sound: New Album and Summer in the PNW, Are You Ready?

Glitch masters Koan Sound tease our eardrums this week with a preview of their upcoming album, Forgotten Myths. Following their Dynasty EP last year, Forgotten Myths will be Koan Sound’s major release of 2015 come May 4th. As if a brand new album wasn’t a large enough task for these two, toss in their summer festival schedule, and try and imagine squeezing in a full tour on top of it all. Clearly nothing can stop this dynamic duo as they tear their way through a very busy schedule in stride. Amongst their attending festivals, we’ll be seeing them at Shambhala, and maybe even one a little closer this June if you catch our meaning! Not in the PNW, or able to afford a festival this year? You can check out the rest of their tour on their webpage here.

Back to the most exciting album preview of the summer: From what we can hear, Forgotten Myths promises to appeal to all. Notes of both break and glitch step swept along by deep, melodic tones. The excitement continues with thundering bass, piano leads, and uplifting mystic synths. Any description really can’t do the preview justice though, you’ll need to hear it for yourself below. Sit back, listen, close your eyes, and blissfully picture them on your favorite stage.