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Rob Swire Gets Us Ready To ‘Abandon Ship’ With Album’s Full Tracklist

Some of us may not have been excited about the most recent Knife Party Track Begin Again, but that doesn’t mean an album release isn’t exciting. It’s clear based on the title Abandon Ship and the title of the latest single that they’re going in a new direction, it remains to be seen what perception of that will be. Rob Swire has certainly had no shortage of fun in teasing out details on the new album, the latest is his announcement of the track list.

Obviously an artist’s sound won’t always sound the same on everything they do, so perhaps this new album will be a side to Knife Party they’ve been wanting to show us for a while. Change can be a good or bad thing, and some are definitely enjoying the new Knife Party sound. We look forward to reviewing the whole album when it comes out and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it as well.