Former Pendulum drummer and current contributor to Destroid, KJ Sawka launched his own label, Impossible Records. With the tagline “Conquer with bass! Destroy with drums!!!”, Sawka has created his own niche.

The electronic sound he creates off of acoustic drums is his unique signature, but fortunately, Sawka doesn’t want his label to be a one-track pony. In his press release, he stated “Impossible Records brings together all genres and bpm’s that the electronic world has to offer.” With that being said, Sawka mentions that his label focuses heavily on the drum and bass aspect of his music.

KJ Sawka has gone the route of many before him, seemingly having outgrown a producer’s shoes and moving into the roomier ones of a record label. At the bottom of his release, Sawka included an invitation to submit a track and be discovered by Impossible Records. If you think your sound stands out, send it forward to this fledgling label, at, and maybe you could sign on.