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KJ Sawka Reveals Pendulum Plans for 2017

Since Pendulum’s return to Ultra Miami in 2016, the EDM community has been left craving for more.  We all hoped that this would bring some sort of Pendulum reunion, but much was silent after that performance. On December 16, Pendulum uploaded a photo to Facebook with the words “Pendulum 2017 . . .” on the image, without a caption or comments.

Speculations are wildly coming in through the comments section. Some are talking of a tour, others hoping and sharing excitement in a new album. Many fans also express their frustrations due to Pendulum’s similar announcement in 2016, which only resulted in the Ultra Miami performance. Well, on Christmas day Pendulum fans received a gift, and the mysteriousness of Pendulum’s post (somewhat) revealed.

KJ Sawka took to his Facebook page to upload the same photo from December 16. In contrast to the aloof first posting, Sawka reveals Pendulum plans to travel once again in 2017.

While dates or ticket information have not been announced, many are sharing their top choices for city stops across the globe. KJ Sawka is a hometown Seattleite, so several comments on the image are wishing for stops in the northwest or Shambhala’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Pendulum is already on the lineup for Electric Forest weekend one, and hopefully these announcements encompass to mean more than that one performance. You can say we’re definitely anticipating this reunion. What are some of your favorite Pendulum tracks? Where do you hope to see them in 2017? Share your responses with us in the comments below!