Jesse Ray Guillory

Kilbourne Re-Scored the ‘Blade’ Soundtrack, and It’s Absolutely Incredible

New York DJ Kilbourne performed her first Bloodrave: Music From Blade event last year, while the cult film played in the background. The official EP surfaced on SoundCloud a mere five months ago, some time after the event took place. Additionally, the New York DJ is set to perform Blade in Belgium in October.

Ashe Kilbourne is a transgender DJ known under her moniker Kilbourne. The first Blade performance was at The Spectrum, a self-described ‘Queer-Safe Space’, in New York City. Additionally, the artist is well-known in New York for her activism against the misogyny and trans-misogyny in the dance scene. She has done a number of interviews on the subjects and is quite the pillar in the New York LGBTQ+ club scene.

The trailer for the event is inspiring. Not only has Kilbourne presented Blade with a new ‘voice’, the music just suits the gritty cult classic film. While the overall ratings are mixed, Blade is a film that breathed new life into comic book adaptations and paved the way for adaptations like Deadpool and Iron Man.

While the trailer is dated for the 2017 performance, it is currently in circulation for the Belgium performance. Check out the tunes from the official EP release of Bloodrave: Music From Blade below.