Trap Takes an Atmospheric Turn With Kicks N’ Licks New Track, “World”

At DMNW, we love hearing about and finding new releases each week. There is continually new music being released all the time, which makes our options broad and vast. Following your favorite labels on SoundCloud is one of the best ways to continually hear new tracks. This week Lowly Palace Records, the independent label associated with Trap Nation, brings us a new track from Kicks N Licks.

Kicks N Licks consists of duo Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan. The duo started a number of years ago in San Diego, California. While they originally delved into music with roots in hip-hop, they later emerged into the electronic music scene with their EP Way Too Loud in 2014. Two of the four tracks on the EP, Monsters and Rapped Up, featured on Beatport’s Top 20. In 2014, Kicks N Licks released two other EPs, Momentum and Lost Dream.

Since then, Kicks N Licks has released a variety of collaborations and remixes. Some of their most notable ones include their song Young featuring vocalist Adara in 2015. Contrast to the heavy, “turn-up” vibe present in their previous collaboration with Malcolm Anthony Lock, Young features triumphant vocals and vibrant synths. In September 2016, the duo released their single Sunny Day featuring Desiree Dawson. It incorporates a trap drum beat, with consistent snares throughout. Dawson’s lyrics bring the track an uplifting vibe, which fits well with the songs continual them of summer and sunshine.

Kicks N Licks newest single Worlds (feat. RULS) released on January 17. This track takes trap into a more melodic and atmospheric direction. RULS smooth vocals, in addition to the distinctive trap percussion makes for an upbeat, rhythmic track. It includes the prominent trap drums, snares, and triangles, while the liquid, atmospheric tones layering underneath gives the song a future edge. Pair these tones with swirling synths and harmonious chord progressions, and it creates an aesthetically diverse trap release.

What other new releases are you hearing from your favorite labels this week? Share your responses with links to tracks in the comments below!