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According to Keychange, 45 Music Festivals are Pledging Gender Equality “by 2022”

It’s no secret that men are more represented than women when it comes to the music industry. You can see it when you look at any festival lineup. Keychange, a European initiative, is aiming to change that in the coming future. Their goal is to, “transform the future of the music industry and encouraging festivals to achieve a 50:50 balance by 2022.”

Keychange hopes to do this by the power of numbers. They have, “45 international music industry conferences and festivals that pledged towards achieving or maintaining 50/50 balance by 2022.” Two of the 45 festivals that pledged are from the USA, some of the festivals include, Canadian Music Week (Canada), Liverpool Sound City (England), NYC Winter Jazzfest (USA), and A2IM Indie Week (USA).

This is an amazing start, and though this is bigger than EDM, it is no secret EDM suffers quite a bit from a gender inequality. There are a number of female DJs, but still the majority of festivals are male, with female DJs here and there. It is great to see festivals taking a stance, but it would be even better to see an EDM festival take the pledge as well.

What else can be done to achieve 50/50 balance by 2022?