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Kaytranada Drops Three New Beats Out Of The Blue

Recently, Montreal-based producer Kaytranada went on Soundcloud to upload three brand new tracks. The songs don’t appear to be linked to any projects, but their disco-influenced demeanor suggest they could’ve been lifted directly from his stellar 2016 album, 99.9%.

2017 07 04 is a dreamy disco loop complete with shimmering synths and a tight drum break. Perfect for a Sunday morning spirit lifter.

One of the additional tracks, 2017 09 01 – SUS is darker in production, building around a repetitive high-pitched piano.

2017 – 38 is the most upbeat and groove of the three. It is also the most likely to receive play time in a house DJ set. The track has a simple 4 on the floor beat, with a lush synth sample that loops in on itself. This ends up creating an almost hypnotic sound.

No matter how you’re spending your labor day weekend; whether it’s relaxing poolside or meeting up with friends at Bumbershoot, we recommend you take these beats along with you and make it the best it can be.
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