Kaskade’s ODESZA Remix is Our New Support System

We weren’t sure if ODESZA or Kaskade could get any better, but it seems we were wrong. They just had to come together. Kaskade released ODESZA – Falls (feat. Sasha Sloan) Kaskade’s Remix this week, and it is an emotional, beautiful remix.

Though the Northwest may be partial to anything that has to do with ODESZA, the music speaks for its self. All artists that had a part in this track put there all into their music, with many layers and emotions.

Sasha’s vocals send you on a journey. Though you may be going through something hard right now, you are going to be okay. This track just became everyone’s support system that we need. Knowing that we can get through whatever it is. Music has become peoples support, and this remix amplifies it.

Kaskade did it again. He brought us another track that can be played at anytime, danced to, and gives us hope. Just a little reminder that we can keep going even when we think we are going down.

What do you think of Kaskade’s new remix? Let us know in the comments below!