Kaskade’s New Track is Tight (Seriously)

Kaskade has been putting out a lot of new music lately, with remixes and originals. This time, his newest release is an original and the name describes it all, Tight. Featuring vocalist Madge, her voice and Kaskade’s production certainly make you dance.

He has now had three new tracks come out in the last few months, and each one has its own style and feel. He has a way of always staying relevant, without losing his own identity. Tight is the perfect dance house track. Fans seem to like it as well, as it has been sitting at 1st and 2nd this week on iTunes electronic charts.

We have been loving all the new music, but it always makes us wonder if something is going on, new album, new tour? We will keep you posted if more music comes out. Take a listen below.

What are your thoughts on Kaskade’s new releases? Do you have a favorite so far? Share your thoughts with us on social media!