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Kaskade, Illenium, & Darrius Rocked Seattle’s Spring Fling (Review)

Both the sun and Seattle came out for the legend himself, Kaskade, and his Spring Fling in Seattle on June 6 and 7 at the Paramount Theatre. We had the chance to capture the moment in case you weren’t able to attend.

Local favorite and Paradiso performer Darrius kicked things off for Kaskade when the doors opened, followed by bass DJ Illenium to warm up the crowd. Illenium brought out his drum pads and played a “feelsy” set for the Pacific Northwest fans. Playing his original hits Fractures and Sound of Walking Away in addition to some heavy bass drops making all the bassheads in the crowd go wild. We saw a couple of mosh pits forming from here and there. The Colorado DJ pumped up the crowd and accompanied the mood for Kaskade smoothly.

Kaskade lit up the stage at 9:15, which was a welcome change to the usual midnight headliners. Opening with his hit song Disarm You, lasers were shooting, crowd was cheering, and the hour and half of screaming and crying had officially started. Kaskade’s set featured crowd favorites Us, Last Chance, Never Sleep Alone, Eyes and even dropping some new remixes. Kaskade got the whole crowd singing along to his originals. With a grim on his face, Kaskade gave it his all on the first night of his Seattle stop. The night ended with high energy, confetti filling the air.

Kaskade returned for night 2 at the Paramount Theatre, followed by a free redux show at Foundation Nightclub. We were bummed when Kaskade didn’t do an encore after his set at the Paramount, but the redux definitely made up for it. If you have never seen Kaskade live, it is a show that you have to experience to understand. An artist that is passionate about his art, music and his fans.

Did you make it out to Kaskade’s Spring Fling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!